This listed property was formerly a cluster of dwellings and agricultural buildings around a small courtyard with elements dating back to the 14th Century. Over time these structures have been amalgamated into a single dwelling. 

A series of intricate internal interventions and a contemporary two-storey element will add to the biography of this historic site. This project aims to highlight and respect the legibility of the historic structures, 'new' built elements will form a complimentary contrast, expressive of current building innovations.

Proposed alterations will reinforce a sense of the historic yard, whilst a series of tall, day-lit voids over new living-kitchen evoke the dining halls within historic Tudor farm-houses. New bedrooms and living spaces are orientated toward the sun, with views across an existing pond and landscaped gardens.   

Internally and externally, a palette of engineered timber and glass aims to resonate with the historic timber and wattle Tudor architecture. A new sharply pitched gable is clad in clay tiles roof ties, this ties into an arts and crafts era adaptation of the existing roof-scape, but will be contrasted through the use of crisply detailed junctions and generous glazed openings. 

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